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Have the injuries you sustained while practising a sport activity, or during a car accident left you with major physical stress and pain in your joints? A qualified and thoroughly trained chiropractor can help alleviate your suffering. Do away with this sad state of affairs today--contact Kaplan & Gottlieb!

We have been serving the Mill Basin neighnorhood of Brooklyn, NY, since 1978. Throughout these many years, we have accumulated extensive experience in chiropractic care and apply our experience and knowledge in devising the most effective, customized treatment plan for of our chiropractic patients.

Getting to Know Your Chiropractor

If you need information about the chiropractic services we provide, contact us today. We will be glad to answer your questions through a telephone interview. You can also request a consultation at our office in order to get to know more about us. Your queries about the clinic, joint manipulation styles and the treating chiropractors will be readily attended to.

Kaplan & Gottlieb makes certain all patients feel thoroughly at ease when under our care. For any treatment plan to be effective, it is essential that a good doctor-patient rapport is established in order to obtain optimum results. Our doctors are very attentive to your individual needs and in provide  personalized care.    

Choosing a Chiropractor You can Trust

At Kaplan & Gottlieb, we will recommend a course of care which fits our patient's needs. We encourage open discussion and strive to put you at ease while ensuring only the most careful consideration placed on your individual personal needs. You will never feel any sort of undue pressure in formulating the proper treatment plan for your needs. Your quick return to a vibrant health is our ultimate reward!   

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What You can Expect from Kaplan & Gottlieb:    

  • High Standard of Chiropractic Care
  • Careful Consideration of Patient Needs
  • Personalized Service
  • Effective Treatment Results
  • Courteousness and Professionalism
  • Advantageous Payment Options

Free yourself from pain.