Health Conditions

Among the conditions treated at Kaplan and Gottlieb Chiropractic are the following :

Auto Injuries : We are specialists in treatments and care of Automotive-related injuries.

Headaches : Disabling headaches often respond to Chiropractic treatment where other  form of treatment fail to succeed.  

Lower Back Pain : One of the more common types of back pain experienced by over 80% of individuals at some point in their lives, lower back pain is commonly  associated with work-related injuries and is the most common workers compensation claim.

Mid-Back Pain : Often the result of stresses related to modern lifestyle, Mid-Back Pain is the number one cause of disability in the 19-45 age group and and the number two cause of missed days of work.

Neck Pain : over 10% of the population suffers from some form of neck pain at some point in their lives.

Sports Injuries : Many sports can result in injuries and trauma which must be treated in a timely manner not only to alleviate pain, but also to avert long-term damage.

Work Injuries : One of the more common places for injuries to occur is at the workplace.  We not only treat these injuries, but also help formulate a plan to reduce chances of injuries in the future.