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Kaplan & Gottlieb has been proudly serving Brooklyn, NY, including the Mill Basin area within Kings County since 1978. We are an experienced chiropractic facility endeavouring to help patients with all kinds of physical injuries. Are you suffering from physical stress, the result of a previous car accident, or sports injury? Schedule an appointment with us. We can help in your recovery!

The work of a chiropractor consists of diagnosing, preventing and treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system, namely mechanical disorders. At our clinic we will evaluate how these disorders affect the functioning of your nervous system and their overall impact on your general health.

What is the Aim of the Chiropractor ?

Relieving a patient's aches and pains is the ultimate aim of any professional, concerned chiropractor. At Kaplan & Gottlieb, we do our utmost to ensure this most imperitive goal is fulfilled. We will work with you in order to help increase your mobility, allowing you to return back to your former vibrant health. Our qualified chiropractors apply treatments in which localized force or pressure is applied so as to enhance the proper condition and alignment of your spine as well as the overall condition of your entire body .    

What Kind of Treatment is Prescribed?

When it comes to the needs of our patients, Kaplan & Gottlieb takes a holistic approach, as per the foundation of chiropractic work. We take the physical, psychological and social factors affecting the health of each patient into consideration and custom-design a personalised treatment plans for each patient we see. Treatment does not generally involve use of drugs or surgery. Indeed, it  is designed to stimulate and hasten the body's natural healing abilities.

We treat :

Chronic and acute conditions (including neck, shoulder, back and joint problems, issues related to posture and muscles, sports injuries, amongst others.)

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