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Located in the Mill Basin Neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, and serving the surrounding areas since 1978, Kaplan & Gottlieb provides a high level of chiropractic care. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete, we welcome you to our clinic. Our sports chiropractor will take care of all your needs, enabling you to return to optimum health after sustaining an injury.

At Kaplan & Gottlieb, we have the knowledge, skills and tools required to diagnose the issues you are having in a prompt manner. We will then tackle the underlying condition causing your pain, utilizing a holistic approach.

Choosing Your Own Chiropractic Techniques

Not only will we identify and treat the cause(s) of your pain, we will also be looking at and applying techniques which will prevent this from re-ocurring.

Among the techniques we may apply is spinal manipulation to provide both immediate and long-term relief. At Kaplan and Gottlieb we have a wide range of chiropractic techniques at your disposal.

Once we have diagnosed your condition and have determined the best possible treatment based on your individual needs and goals we will proceed to implement a plan to manage your pain while simultaneously enhancing both your short and long-term well being.

Feeling Comfortable at Your Chiropractic Centre

Since chiropractic care involves the use of physical procedures, it is important that the chiropractor you choose takes the time to establish a warm and comfortable rapport. This not only enhances the atmosphere, allowing you to relax, but, more often than not, helps achieve a highly positive treatment experience. At Kaplan & Gottlieb, we always make sure that you are at your most comfortable, and we also cater to all your needs.

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